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If your home has been damaged by fire, flood, weather, vandalism or even an accident, you need to secure it quickly and safely to avoid any further damage. We respond rapidly with emergency board-up services to keep out the elements and unwanted guests. We will board-up any broken windows, walls, or doors that have been damaged. We also provide tarping services for damaged roofs. By shielding the compromised areas, we help prevent further damage to your home.




Depending on the severity of damage to your home, you may require services after experiencing any of the following events at your residence:



A home ravaged by flames may suffer from a compromised structure, fragile walls and holes through the ceiling, and possibly, the roof. After the fire is extinguished, emergency board-up service and roof tarping prevents additional destruction and property loss until restoration can be completed.


In the case of flooding, the source of the water could impact the type of home services required. For instance, a leak in the roof from heavy rainfall calls for tarping to temporarily cover the holes. On the other hand, an underground pipe burst or flood caused by a natural disaster can permeate flooring and drywall materials, destroying the integrity of the walls and requiring immediate board-up services.

Severe weather 

Severe weather conditions are capable of causing many types of home damage. Strong wind gusts can uproot trees and send branches flying through windows, while hail pellets and rain wreak havoc on roofs. Let's not forget a tornado's ability to tear siding from homes and rip shingles off rooftops, too. In any of these cases, you'll want your windows, walls and roofs covered to prevent additional weather and damage from affecting your home.



Unfortunately, vandals can generate their fair share of damage, too. Windows smashed by rocks and doors destroyed by forced entry are a couple of situations that may require board-up services. You'll want to make sure your home's points of entry are secured while you wait for your new windows or doors to be installed.


Accidents happen. From minor incidents, like a baseball shattering a window, to major events, like a car crashing into the side of your home, emergency board-up services provide the temporary security solution you need while figuring out your next steps. You can rest easy knowing your home is protected from natural elements and intruders until repairs can be completed.


In any emergency situation, call ServiceMaster Restore, 24-7, 365 days a year, and we'll be by your side. From initial damage assessment to board-up services, emergency tarp installation and follow up, our experts deliver quality workmanship and guidance to make your life easier after a traumatic disaster. We're just a call away. Reach out to learn more.

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