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Any house fire, even a small one, requires professional clean-up from top to bottom. With ServiceMaster Restore, we have the experience, process and know-how to get your home back to clean and fresh after a fire. More than taking care of your ceilings and walls, we’ll also clean, polish and deodorize woodwork such as crown molding. Because closets, attics, cabinets and drawers can be sources of trapped smoke odor, we’ll tackle every part of the house to ensure a thorough cleaning and deodorizing.



  • In just a few minutes, smoke can discolor the walls.

  • Within a few hours, finishes on kitchen appliances can discolor.

  • Smoke causes etching in glass after just a short time.

  • Smoke will tarnish metal quickly.

  • Ash and smoke can continue to cause damage and corrosion to materials left behind.

Regular soap and water is no match for walls and woodwork damaged by fire. Cleaning fire-damaged walls and restoring cabinets back to normal requires professional products and processes designed to remove smoke and soot. Our experts use specialized products to thoroughly clean and deodorize. From beginning to end, our technicians are always there to answer your questions, ease any confusion and provide clear, step-by-step understanding throughout every part of the process.

Count on our professional wall-cleaning services and ceiling-cleaning capabilities to get your home back to normal again. We're always available, 24-7/365, to help.

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