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When wildfires or mudslides strike, count on ServiceMaster Restore to be there for you with the knowledge, expertise and helpful guidance to get life back to normal. No matter how daunting the situation can appear, we’ll support you from beginning to end and help you navigate the solution that’s right for you and your family.





  • Make and frequently practice a family evacuation plan that includes meeting locations, a communication plan and pet accommodations.

  • Use building and yard materials that won’t burn easily.

  • Keep an area up to 100 feet around your home lean, clean and green.

  • Clean your roof, gutters and deck of dead leaves and pine needles often.

  • Create an emergency bag of personal items you’ll need if you’re asked to leave home.

  • Leave your home when asked to do so.



  • Frequently review radio, TV and apps to stay updated on the latest weather information.

  • Make sure you have a disaster plan for worst-case scenarios.

  • Pack a bug-out bag with survival essentials if you have to leave home in a hurry.

  • Familiarize yourself with the landscapes around your home.

  • Listen for unusual sounds that could mean a mudslide is about to begin.

  • Be ready to leave, and plan where to meet up if separated from loved ones.


We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive range of water damage and fire damage services.




Wildfires can last months and burn thousands of acres before being contained. Your home does not have to be directly in the path of the blaze to be affected. Particulate matter, smoke and ash can travel great distances and creep into the tiniest of cracks leading into your home. Wildfires pose additional risks. They strip hillsides of vegetation that helps hold soil in place. When wildfires are followed by heavy rain, mudslides can occur. This powerful flow of mud, rock and debris can cause catastrophic damage to homes in its path.

Mudslides, landslides and debris flows can develop quickly when precipitation is excessive. They can strike fast, without warning, turning the landscape into a river of mud, when a majority of victims are often asleep. They can travel for miles and can be powerful enough to carry trees, boulders, cars and even homes in their path. They can happen in all U.S. states and territories and are more common in mountain, canyon and coastal regions.

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